You CHOKED in 7 and always will because you ARE CHEAP !!! You Get What You DON'T pay FOR , And you will Get REAL Bad next Year , Just LOOK at the RED SOX -- Too cheap to buy Pitching and now the Hitters Gave up , they got theirs , It is a ME America with CRAPPY MIN WAGE jobs like You wanted , I trained tech's & America THEY could not DO ONE FIFTH my production ... Go Play a Video Game before you go to your 3 low Wage jobs and your 700 a month Interest on LOANS !!!

  • ghytgb

    Blues will win game 7 by a score of 4-1.

  • shigsho

    It's okay because Rask will choke in game 7.

  • KiLL4037

    Toronto Raptors next to win championship for the first time 👍😃

  • Chuck

    Enjoy THE CUP! Great job BLUES

  • tony f

    I hate boston......I hope they loose

  • Sam Wolf

    Hey!!!! Thanks to the A hole that put the score in the subject and title... wanted to watch the recap in France on vacation with a little suspense but noooooooooo.... what a jerk... and on top of that the Bruins won and I f-ing hate them.

  • ClexEz _

    I'ma Chicago Blackhawks fan but I want Boston to win

  • Koko Mmc

    The NHL is the toughest sport to win a championship in.

  • pako joe

    loss followed by 2 wins, and now a 5-1 loss to go to game 7. This is just setting up the end of the story.

  • harley rider66

    The blues took bad penalties and didn't show up to play at all!!!! Dissapointed blues fan, hopefully they can win game 7.. GO BLUES!!!

  • S. Heals

    Great 7 game series... I'm from Boston & am very nervous of this Blues team. The Blues are resilient & forecheck the hell out of B's. The B's have had helluva time getting puck out of their own zone. So game 7 it is "THEY'LL SELL YOU THE WHOLE SEAT BUT YOU'LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE"

  • Jesus Acosta

    I think the Blues just blew their chance to win the Stanley Cup.