• G Ghecko

    Hey YouTube. I HATE basketball. Stop putting basketball videos in my feed.

  • Fred Brooks

    The only credit you get from me Max Kellerman is for being a buster. It's obvious the way KD was cooking before he went down to injury nor Kawhi or anyone else was shutting down KD. In fact KD was on his way to scoring 30-40 points the way he was playing and that was coming back from being out for 5 weeks.

  • Impeach 45

    Max Kellerman makes as much sense as Trump on his worst days. Zero.

  • Cormorant_on_aRock

    sports "writers" have become monsters. As the Flaming Lips once put it, "ego tripping at the gates of hell" :L

  • Chi

    No body stops KD but KD

  • Taylor

    Bahaha guess he won’t get that credit! Couldn’t even beat the warriors without KD!! Kawhi is great but overrated

  • jagusto shard

    Yes dumbface max he totally shut him down he only had 11 in 12 minutes.Blow some cock would be a better job for you

  • DJ

    You man gave KD that Injury jinx!

  • Fred Wilson

    And kd killed him lol they would've won by 20 if he didn't get hurt again

  • Swen Dalagan

    Kawhi needs to prove more than that at his pinacle of his game not just one or two finals game. And goes for KD too.

  • NINO

    Does a torn Achilles count

  • 2 PAC

    Molly shut the fuck up and suck this big thang bitch 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️🌹💍

  • kisstharing

    KD drained 2 threes right in Kawhi face, he was finnin' to put 30+ right in Kawhi eyeball. Dude is a killer im so angry that we couldn't see a healthy kd vs a healthy Kawhi it would have been an epic showdown, all we got was 1 qrter and KD won that.

  • Chris Solano

    Well he did shut down... made Kd shutdown himself...

  • .period

    Soooo what had happen was...... Achilles heel