• bcpbrennan

    Tony sounds (talks) much better when he is being sincere.... as he is terrible at trash talking. Good win El Cucuy.

  • SCrawford

    Anyone know what kind of watch he’s got on?

  • artbylukebennett

    Tony the type of guy to do a press conference wearing his own face as a mask

  • Cord Barham

    Great and convincing win, let him lose Dana, if not crown him champ.

  • long tooth

    Tony the type of guy to leave tips at fast food drive thru

  • Krm Jrz

    I think khabib its affraid of this dude. Cerrone punch this guy and look at him . He looks like he went to watch the fights

  • Robert Browne

    He's like listening to your favourite song.... And built of stainless steel. Khabib is in serious trouble with Ferguson.

  • tintinesk5

    Tony, the guy to ... respect now. The ONLY guy in this division to NOT fear Tiramisu.

  • chusss Music

    I like this more mature, natural and spontaneous version of Tony. Great fighter with original technique and method, respectable person and a good example of MMA as a sport.

  • Raul Perez

    Just wasted 20:39 min of my life watching this interview and I don’t regret it. #champshitonly

  • Koko Mmc

    Khabib's top game Vs Tony's rubber guard. Let's do it!

  • Stig Lauren

    Tony said ‘don’t have a cow boy’ to Cerrone. Tony ‘El Barto’ Ferguson.

  • Stig Lauren

    Tony the type of guy to take performance decreasing drugs to make the fight more exciting.

  • jes zir

    Its been around 4-5 yrs later. Both Khabib and Tony are still in the same position fighting for #1 n #2. Its rare to truly , equally deserve even the oppurtunity to fight each other

  • Sam Rahmati

    Common. Thumbs up for tony vs habib 😀😀😀😀😀