• D. C.

    Sorry Greq!! Mercedes wins.

  • Bob Dillahunty

    Rose are red Violets are blue Mercedes won this race And will win the next one, too

  • IC Dub

    I just got into F1 and every single race I watch, the Mercedes team starts at the front and it's pretty much smooth sailing the entire race...seeing the same guy win everytime has already turned me off the sport. I would imagine qualifiers put them at first 2 positions? Can someone relieve my skepticism?

  • legalizzate la marijuana andrea

    Signori (si fa'x dire)della scuderia Ferrari abbiate almeno rispetto x ENZO FERRARI avete infangato un nome che in tutto il mondo suscita le passioni più profonde,chiudete su',baracca e burattini quelli che grazie all'apporto degli anglo americani siete diventati! E tornate a Maranello!

  • walter kibbs

    Full Throttle with Alex Rossi in IndyCar 500. 2019. Faster than Formula One?.

  • Fttf

    Crofty: Lewis Hamilton gets a great start! Me: Ah shit, here we go again.

  • Shifttube

    @2:21 wtf is that noise the commentater saying kina funny

  • watchlive-sports

  • Derris Setyawan

    "and for the fifth time in a's a mercedes 1-2.." not surprised

  • Mic Mic

    Lewis can get good starts, the Dickens you say! Get in there GOAT!

  • Hittrewweuy Z

    Formula 1 has become so extremely boring and predictable , only one team wins having all the advantage and no one else has a chance Formula E ... 8 races 8 winners lol , now that’s real racing

  • Vectorize

    Damn, Norris caught that right left wheel... Big crash.

  • 139Robin

    My God, the commentator hurts my ears!!

  • Juan Cobos

    En España se han cargado la Fórmula 1 y las motos. Nada más que hay fútbol.