• P2istheName

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  • Jess

    P2 I think moto moto likes u.u!

  • TSM_Shadow 233

    I hate people that call you words so you can like their comment stop asking fr likes

  • Macedonio Vigil

    P2 I ant trying to disrespect you but Hispanics and Africa Americans can use. The n word white pepole can’t because it meant slave back then

  • hi & ih

    they are both bad at playing basketball

  • Frobezz

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  • Dragon Dragon

    Bruh I’m even better than this dude in fortnite,basketball,and rapping he’s trash at everything dog bruh he’s so bad In fortnite my baby cousins can beat him in fortnite I’m probably faster than him that’s how fat that kid is Edit:like if you agree this man is salty I’m not talking about P2 he’s a goat but the fat one he just salty he don’t have a girl like Jayden or ms thotiana he mad like if you agree 👇

  • Sylvia Vang

    Hey im on my sis Phone,But you shoot funny p2 but damn you baby him

  • Gregory Bird

    I kinda feel like they’re acting because they’re in so much vids

  • Dopeboy Jay

    Niggas is dead beefing over a bitch named 'msTHOTIANA' lmao