• Overtime

    Wanna see Jaden Newman play THIS WEEK in NYC? RSVP HERE:

  • young Nuketown

    lil short fuck sucks need a new path cuz basketball ain't it

  • young Nuketown

    julian newman prepare for the match by his dad promoting and selling merch and missing practice

  • young Nuketown

    FUCK OUTTA HERE 😩 THAT NIGGA SUCK ! At least lamelo got height ! this nothing but a rip off ball in the family and bbb prodigy of who ? i'm so confused 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Peter Krivacka

    Am I the only one who thinks that Jamie Newman (the Dad) looks like a beached whale with a goblin head?

  • Zak Filgas

    Julian: "This game is close" Score Board: 24 - 46

  • Milky Utters

    “We go give lamelo the best we got” enter the song frolic from curb your enthusiasm

  • xxxtentacion._. Niya

    Lamelo fine ass😍😭 ain’t got shit to worry bout BBB 4L but Julian’s dad trying to hard he can never compete 🤣

  • Bill Bradski

    How did the dad get a coaching gig? He’s an embarrassment.

  • DatxBoixPT Yt

    Julian’s dad lowkey look like the old penguin in the old Batman movies 😂😂

  • Troy Friday

    Id be embarrassed for that person wearing a prodigy brand tee or hoodie lmao

  • Nighty Slash

    lol the reason the crowd left BBB because everything was sold out there

  • Jason Richardson

    Dad is a a__hole. This dude is coaching other people children and only caters to his.

  • SollRepublic _

    His dad said that was the biggest game in high school history. I guess Carmelo didn’t beat LeBron in high school huh

  • Tanvi Gokhale

    While that bull shit Jamie Newman was giving speeches to his damn son while Melo and spire was playing on fortnite At halftime when Jamie was screaming while Melo and spire were deciding where to eat and what to do the next day Julian says that this game is CLOSE AND WE ARE STILL IN THIS when the final score was 80 to 115

  • R_.N.C Markthegod

    0:50 little did they know Julian flopped and manny and number 11 carried the whole team