• Anthony Martz

    I want to see a reaction of game 6 too. hahaha oh wait, raptors won. I guess you cant make fun of that then.

  • Xavier Suggs

    I’m fuckin crying the beginning was the funniest shit ever, I’m here for the Lowry slander😭😭

  • Bryan Farley

    Someone cheer at Bron if he got hurt you’d lose your fucking mind keep it a buck OSN

  • jonathan ero

    hehhee whos laughing now with nba title ..") wariors fans boy

  • Jovhan Richards

    What you gotta say about him now salty bitch.. Lowry not even the type of player that days he's the best or talks trash. He's one of the most humble players out there.

  • LA Løttø

    Damn kinda messed up what you said about cheering when they get hurt


    please post your Game 6 reaction *Kawhi LAUGH*

  • JLemuel

    I’m just here waiting for your reaction on game 6 😂

  • bron liew

    But Raptors won Game 6! Hate to spoil you guys.

  • I'm on yo ass

    NBA CHAMPIONS😭😭😭Lowry outplayed yo boy Curry kekekekeke

  • Steven Saunders

    Hey guess what? Kyle Lowry lit it up in game 6 and the Raptors won the 2019 NBA Championship

  • Justin Lutchman

    OSN a joke. Never in a million years thought I’d see the day you cheering for golden state, smh. Just take ur L this year and Go watch Lebron in summer league while we celebrate our fun guy winning finals MVP.🏆🦖🇨🇦🍾

  • BadAtGaming

    3:01 That dirty ass hair. I can see lint, a skittle, a used condom and some shoelaces in that shit man.

  • Danny Williams

    Your going to crying today head down body language going to be off saying your sick Toronto Canada stand up.

  • Danny Williams

    Keep laughing buddy a trash player won and had sick game went off in game 6.