• Dom Eversham

    why does every video he make talking about busts and bad players instantly remind me of lonzo ball

  • Preston Shives

    I wanna hear about Steph wanting to play for Charlotte because his father Dell play for them in the 90s

  • Kyle Valentine

    Scouts were worried steph wouldn’t translate to the nba so he made the nba translate to him😂

  • iali00

    Most of the epic failures were overhyped white dudes. Duke is especially good at that.

  • David Sasse

    Monta Ellis is Russell Westbrook. One team traded the selfish individual player and one team kept the Hall of Famer.

  • JJ250 TV

    Minnesota didnt draft him bc stephs dad threatened the gm

  • Ann wakosy

    Steph curry and zach effron are team mates before yet only steph was drafted cause he was sensational. Go wild cats 😂😂😂

  • Hamid Hasani

    I remember this draft like it was yesterday I’m a die hard Knicks fan and was hoping we drafted steph Curry he even wanted to ball for NY but wen Golden State came up they drafted him and they turned to Stephen really quiche looked so bummed out going to Golden State I damNear cried and we drafted someone who we later traded away (as usual) but I highly doubt curry wouldn’t b who he is today if he was drafted by the Knicks

  • Joey Ragadio

    Bron is not want to play basketball in the first place...he likes gymnastics

  • na ruhina

    Remember his debut in knicks? He drops 50 points there

  • j shuttlesworth

    Hasheem thabeet was 104 years old by the time he got to the NBA its not his fault

  • Filip Ladan

    Okay, so the reason why Steph went from maybe 1st pick and guaranteed 2nd pick to 7th is that his agent told him not to go there or declined himself all of the offers?