• C Phillps

    What took AJ 7 rounds only took Wilder 70!seconds - Domenic Breazeale

  • Avery Tapper

    I like how after DB said that wilder is trash and AJ is better wilder knocked his ass out in 2 min and AJ lost

  • Shirley Newton

    At 9 Fury is on his knees and Jack Reiss DID NOT say 10 to let Fury get up... Wilder was robbed...

  • Miki Miyazaki

    Talking bout the facial expressions on the statues. "I can see there pain. I hope I live to see a change" Bru. I grew up at as a Japanese American in an entire county, let alone the school as the only non white kid. I was beat up and bullied mercilessly because of my race. That changed when I hit 12 yrs old, I hit puberty and grew 10" in one summer vacation lol. I went from 4'10 to 5'8" lolol. I w stayed the same weight, I was 150 lbs and fat. The first kid I beat up for bullying was the end of that. It was rough though cause there was no one "like me" so I really went through it alone. I guarantee I've dealt with a worse type of bullying and racism than wilder. I can't stand it when black people (any minority in America for that matter) acts like we're still living in the 1800s lol. We've come so ridiculously far to the point we're actually we have far left wing liberals eroding our constitutional right to free speech with things like bill c 16 and even hate speech laws. My problem with that law is who dictates hate??? The answer that has unfortunately in many many cases been the truth, is "me". If you say something that I see as hate speech, than I can get you legally persecuted. I am for free speech 100%. The implications of these laws and impinging on them is farther reaching and devastating. Free speech is the cornerstone to our and any free society! Would you rather a crazy person be forced underground so we can no longer hear or see what there doing, rather than letting them speak there hateful, and or racist shit, put them in a box (as in ok, claims of racial or ethnic superiority or inferiority? You're out of the conversation and are now known for what you are). It's now technically illegal in instances, to "misgender" someone lol. And not male or female.... There are over 150 non binary categories that people can apparently be lol like pixie kin, animal kin etc its so crazy!!!! Dude is in the top 1/10 of the 1 percent, and he's talking about being marginalized, being treated different? Yea by your 10 housekeepers in your multi million dollar mansion!!!! What a fuck head move! I lost a ton of respect for Wilder just on him saying that. Do you know how many poor white trailer camp living people there are that see more discrimination (I'm talking unjust, which is the key word there cause we justly discriminate every second of every day. Which is why you choose your friends, sex partners, mates, and don't allow everyone to come into your home) than he's seen since he was 5? Being looked at as poor., Uneducated trailer trash? Racism exists in and against every race. To say because your black, your discriminated against because of your race is bullshit, and to compare the pockets of racism in left over in our country as being anywhere on par, resembling or comparable to the time where black people were slaves or back in MLK era or Rosa parks is actually hugely disrespectful to the black people that actually were treated like dogs, forced to work the fields just to live or getting arrested for not sitting in the back of the bus, or having to devote your life to equal rights (and be shot and killed for your efforts). I can't stand racism, but I also can't stand when people have the audacity to act like America is still in the mid 1900s in regards to people of different races. SMFH.

  • Miki Miyazaki

    "With his lack of boxing skills. Too see him at the top for so long, it's kinda hard to believe"...... You believe it now muthafucker???? Bwahahahahahaa!!!!!

  • Equane Blue TV

    Wilder has that eye of the Tiger in him If you can't see it you are blind


    Wilder has technique..honestly the fans who dont think that are just dumb as bricks

  • Mark

    Respect to his Father supporting him. Wilder traveled a much different path than his Father as a Pastor but he supported his son through it. He's a good man. God is great.

  • Jabarri Weston

    Lol Brezeale looked like such a scrub in comparison to Wilder 😂😂

  • Terran Dysart

    Who's here after he knocked Breazeale out in the first 3 minutes?

  • J. Anthony Morgan

    Damn....fam said his father would eat the scraps off their plates, after they ate...real father ish right there.

  • J. Anthony Morgan

    shouldnt the count have started as soon as he fell? Seems like Fury got an extra 3 seconds.

  • 11thWoods

    What a disappointing display by Glass Jaw Breazeale... Smh

  • jhfjhfkf

    I hope every racist has a Deontay Wilder waiting for them in this world