• Overtime

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  • Jade Ashcroft

    If that was my dad, I would’ve knocked him out already. That man is annoying af


    2:36 Julians dad Slipped up "Dont mess around you know im paying hard Earn...All type of coaches are coming Tomorrow." wha Ha Did Julian's dad pay for him to play in the Allstar Game 💀?

  • EnvY AzY

    I hate his dad let him have some fun for crap sake

  • D'Maurion Carter

    Jaden ugly as hell im sorry but god damn she built like a bar of soap

  • Andrew Kirkland

    Lol I remember those days thinking I was grown with my parents taking care of me

  • Gabby Galve

    Hw laxls talent and his dad is pushing to much. Just let him work my guy

  • Michelle M

    Julian: I express my feelings through the weights and the gym. *is as thin as a toothpick*


    Emmanuel voice deep💀💀first time I heard him talk

  • Akh Walters

    They’re trying too hard to be the ball family lowkey

  • Jerry Perez

    Get y’all bootleg ball in the life show outa here😂

  • josue caceres

    His pops gotta chill. I understand, he has to to do w.e he can to make it to the league but there is also enjoying yourself and having fun. There is no point in being force to do sum if that is not, what you want.


    I turned the video off, when Jamie said his school was going to be the next IMG.

  • Jaden Devonish

    Y'all need a new coach ya dad ain't cutting it or you need to play for AAU team also ya sister most unloyal mf i know

  • tamuyaga

    This the real life dru in despicable me

  • El Zoeja

    Does his dad know him yelling and being on his son’s ass over nothing is not gonna do anything

  • El Zoeja

    This shit is so scripted, unorganized, and feels forced ball in the family is way better