• Juice Man

    And they said Eagles fans are the worst. LMAO

  • Oj

    Yes, Yes, but why is Envy pregnant look behind.

  • sympthylost

    So.....we're going to act like the Warriors fans weren't cheering when Vanvleet went down?? We'll give Donkey of the Day to co-owner who shoved Lowry, right?

  • BlankSpace

    Do envy got PTSD from Desus and Mero. The beige meter is at it limit

  • Max The SNL Trump Loving Dog

    Anyone that takes any pro-sport that serious as wishing injury on another person IS a donkey. YOU have no Home team because those people are NOT your home people. They are millionaires that came there to play a game while people FROM your community is doing something MUCH MORE important. and if your self-pride comes from a group of people you don't even know..YOU are a Donkey.

  • Jahmins Sajato

    In yr faces all these fools in the comment section about Raptors wouldn't win NBA Finals u all most feel like shit right now bcuz if u fools knew father God isn't badminded like u fool... # Congrats Raptors big bloodclat win dat.

  • Jay Benz

    Golden state fans cheered when Kawhi got injured when he was on the spurs check the video

  • Paul Thomas

    Coming from a man who used to make women give him sexual favours for crack. Charlemagne is the crack Harvey Weinstein. Make no mistake

  • phillipsblaze816

    They cheered after he got up, its good sportsmanship tf..... Omg, yall b**** about everything ol sensitive ass.

  • Tatea

    I fell tf out when he said Jurassic Park

  • M Barron

    6:55 this is what a hypocrite sounds like

  • Isiah JahGlenson

    Defending World Champions GSW? When/where did they won a world title?

  • Mr Reality

    New York be emotional get out your feelings and focus on that sorry ass team you call the Knicks

  • Yoli Marie

    I don’t think they deserve donkey of the day for that. They were in the moment and quickly got their act together.

  • BlackGirlLovesAnime6

    It's obvious these vile "fans" dont think of these basketball players as nothing more than entertainment. There is a saying that these sports teams are the modern slavery and it's hard to not think this