• Rob Mad

    Jessica's eye is really evil. How could it turn its back on her when she needed it the most. scandalous.

  • Rob Ert

    Jessica Eye got kicked so far into the future that she came back knowing the result of the 2020 presidential election...

  • Leandro Ruiz Huanani

    PTM ha Valentina le llama el presidente de kyakistan como se llame y el presidente de Perú vizcarra de merda nada PTM

  • thekillingtomat

    i like how cejudo called out a retired fighter, a fighter on a 3 fight KO loss streak and a guy who is injured 90% of the time. you have two top contenders who made their case on the same card, call out of them instead

  • Fredd  Millares Godines

    Todos vieron cuando le ganaste a Amanda.. Tienen que pelear otra vez y dejar las cosas claras

  • BloodofPatriots

    Valentina Shevchenko goes from savage KO killer to giggling girl in seconds. Damn.

  • Juls Armijo

    Holly Holm would be proud of that foot placement.

  • Teller Truth

    Amanda Nunes!! 😍🤩 . I Love her ability to find the Chin every time 💪🏻🙏🏻

  • reef1963

    Chevchenko can beat Cejudo if given the opportunity.

  • Choukri

    She speaks better than khabib by the way...

  • Choukri

    "You fire some one"😂(2 lasts minutes)

  • pjay213

    She should be in pound for pound discussion.

  • nLesLiFe

    jessica eye shoulda wore a bullet proof helmet instead of a vest

  • Steven D

    people questioning cowboy must not follow MMA he fights on short notice whatever the case hes ready to go , it just wasnt his night hes a WARRIOR though.

  • Arthur Clements

    I thought Andy Ruiz was born in the USA and raised in the USA? I RESPECT what Cejudo said 'I am an American'...well done sir. Andy Ruiz should move to Mexico if he is a Mexican...why would you want to live in a foreign country? I wouldn't.

  • ds2985

    The new belts are cheep as fuck looking. What happened to the old ones the where cool looking

  • commentasyouseefit

    Jessica Eye..."Dana..I want my title shot!!!" 👟💥😴 lol Hate when fighters think they deserve a title shot just cause of a few unimpressive wins. I knew that was gonna happen.

  • sigmeister

    the post fight interview starts "Tony walks in turns the chair and goes sit down MJ style "

  • aza midd

    Amanda nunes shld fight in 125 pound as well be the first 3 weight class champion