• RISIN9 5UN

    Cowboy knew, he didn't want anymore of Tony so he blew his nose. Cowboy will forever be the Gate Keeper because he can't handle forward pressure.

  • Joe Reyes

    The UFC is a peace of shit organization. Some serious fucked up fans Joe Rogan did a fucked up job catering to the fans. Cerrone got his ass kicked and found a way out and took it. What a piece of shit and lack of manhood Cerrone has turned out to be. I have seen many fights with similar injuries and worse and not do the obvious like Cerrone did. This is the first time I have seen it and it smells of a chicken shit coward gutless COWBOY TAKING THE WAY OUT TO NOT GET FUCKED UP INTO A KO OR SUBMISSION. CERRONE THE GUTLESS PIECE OF SHIT!

  • Chris V

    Tony is the type of guy that hates his win more than his love to lose.

  • pauly shore

    Reading UFC comments on YT is the gayest shit ever

  • Castor Troy

    Tony Ferguson, the type of referee who will raise the hand of the losing fighter

  • azah quinn

    Ufc 216 embedded vlog episode 3, @ Tony lays his fern down and does a Maori War Haka and calls upon a Legion of Warrior Natives, WE HEARD YOUR CALL TONY, DANA MAKE THAT FIGHT OR WE SAIL WEST TO KINGS LANDING.

  • Lance T

    "Talk to cowboy"... Camera pans over to Sloth from Goonies. His face did all the talkin.

  • Linuxx

    Tony the type of guy to call an ambulance for a bank robbery

  • Konrad Bidwell

    The cowboy has to be one of my favourite fighters ever. Ferguson is class too.

  • Dan4Mark

    Which begs the question, how good is Michael Johnson?

  • Khalabib NoMcNuggets

    The crowd is right this guy fookin sux, 3 of his last victories were not because of his skills but because of his opponents fook ups Kevin Lee >> staph infection Pettis >> dumbarse broke his hand doing dumb sh!t Cowboy >> dufus blew his nose and fooked his own eyes cant wait for The Khalabib to expose this man child fraud and watch his "fans" whine, cry and jump onto the next bandwagon hahahahaha

  • Pointl Ess

    i dont care what anyone says about that punch at the end of round 2, cerrone was not going to win that fight

  • MJ Stowers

    Tony Ferguson is the kind of guy to be dying and make his last breath last twenty years for a retirement

  • Kevin Hughes

    Tony is the type of guy who orders a big mac in burger king and gets one!

  • Spencer Monte Thompson

    I use to be bothered by him, I can’t anymore he’s shows us time and again how honest he is and willing to go and give us something we asked for

  • ado chika

    And still and again the UFC lightweight champion Tony Fergusson.. will be for a very long time... On my record...

  • Namir Maher

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy Jane prefers over Tarzan.

  • nishbrown

    YouTube is the type of morons to put this in my notifications, 6 DAYS AFTER I WATCHED IT LIVE. Go fuck yourself, broken ass p.o.s. website.