• FOX Soccer

    How would you describe the USWNT’s 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup™ debut vs. Thailand?

  • NIK

    poor sportsmanship... they are the best team, everyone knows, no need to demoralize a weak team. And no, no men's team has run up the score in a world cup.

  • Tara Mac

    Women are far better soccer players then men but for a fraction of the pay sadly the patriarchy is still alive.

  • Pork Yang

    Thailand choose their Thai race to play, no matter how bad they are. Soccer players who is Thai descent vs a Thai citizen of the Minority who is really good at soccer. Thai coach, let's hire that bad goalie because she is of Thai descent. Minority Thai Citizens go to the US and beat Thailand 13 to 0.

  • Elite Riders

    Did the Thai goalie know she can use her HANDS to block the shots....

  • Poum Pea

    No sportsmanship at all .sorry i have to say that

  • yun-wei huang

    did you seriously say that our soccer team should've held back a little and that it was a humiliating game to watch? what is humiliating is not giving your all when going head to head with your opponent. you insulted both USA and Thailand team, have you no shame? .\/. ^

  • jaquio69

    Once upon a time Germany scored 7 against a lowly opponent in the World Cup Final................

  • bijucyborg

    Buddha: Celebrate every moment of your life as if it's your first. USA women's team: Amen

  • cammibannani xd

    I would have felt bad for the goalie if she actually tried to stop ALL of the goals. She did try to save the majority of them but she j wasn't fast enough

  • Tony Fox

    The USWNT and Thailand showed great postgame sportsmanship. I don't see a problem at all with the scoring or celebrations. This is the World Cup. It's 90 minutes of your best.

  • agility IX

    Thailand keeper: this isn’t like working in the fields

  • oneeyednarn

    Playing your best when you 're in a different league from your opponent is showing them respect. Holding yourself back and not even bothering to break a sweat, now that would be disrespectful.