• TripleFermentation

    Sorry, but that's not how "lucky" works, Skip. He almost missed, but there's a margin of error for every shot in existence. You don't have to shoot a swish for it to count or to not be called luck. It was right on the edge of the margin of error, and that is all.

  • Jay P.

    The ball took a lucky bounce or 4.....but to process everything Kawhi had to and still be able get that shot over Embiid before the buzzer, took more skill than skip Bayless could ever hope to fathom

  • Jm Doronila

    That shot wasn't just luck If your a shooter you know how back spin and high arc can make your shot more accurate The bounce yeah that was lucky but the shot that was perfect

  • Paul Keddy

    Skip is a complete idiot. I had to google to see if he's actually played a sport. He hasn't. His foolishness was front and center when he was claiming Conor McGregor was going to win a boxing match against one if not the best boxer ever. That's how uneducated he is in the world of experience .

  • David Smith

    Skip reminds me of a 4 year old. But less mature.

  • phone home

    Buddy Skip may possibly have a borderline personality disorder or he’s a hater or both

  • Dawsk i

    These guys have got to be the dumbest motherfuckers in any sports media

  • Joseph Cruz

    The fact that skip is coked out makes this that much more hilarious

  • hen ko

    they just don’t make any sense. Truly a sports analysts that gets on my nerves every time he’s on tv.

  • tatt oo sticker

    they just don’t make any sense. Truly a sports analysts that gets on my nerves every time he’s on tv.

  • Michael Kalweit

    New nickname for Skippy: Skip Clueless. The best indication this guy no nothing about what he is talking about is he refers to Kawhi as #2. That's insulting and unprofessional. Fire him!!

  • Cwoolvett100

    Why Spurs fans mad he brought them a championship. Smh

  • Ruby Ibarra

    He sounded very very very bitter!! Chill Skip, the #2 is Khawi!! The Klaw!! And the beast!!! Not to mention, the most humble best player of nba history! you just hate that the entire Canada loves Kahwi now!!

  • Morgan Berry

    Disagree John Stockton sinking that 3 ptr to beat Houston Rockets