• Scott Byrd

    Some of these are trash no real intent or flare ups

  • Khush Patel

    It's not really instant karma if it happens half a year later

  • Il Exile lI

    Either you were really stretching for clips to fit this theme or your idea of "karma" is spiteful and mean spirited. How is a guy breaking his leg after hitting a walk off grand slam supposed to be karma? The implication (by being in this video) that he deserved that is ridiculous. Same for Gomez, he slipped on wet stairs after a routine groundout. He sure deserved that! KARMA!

  • Colton Craft

    I wish Odor would’ve dropped Bautista right on his butt harder than Gomez knocked himself 😂

  • Andrew Ellington

    Odor rocking Bautista the most solid landing punch I've ever seen during a bench clearing brawl.

  • Jaylie G

    Guy hits a walkoff and gets hurt "Karma" That's pathetic

  • SpeediestWolf5

    So the man got karma from celebrating a winning HR with his team, you seem like you mad they won

  • supersmily 5

    3:32 AND 5:46 When you get a home run BECAUSE you're mad at the pitcher. Lol now that's a comeback.

  • joe blow

    I like when players get hurt out of stupidity===carry on faggots

  • Mento Man

    No such thing as KARMA shit happen for a reason not because you did something stupid or wrong

  • Rudy Jaquez

    THE Jays and rangers is not even the same year so.....big wup

  • smokeslet'sgo

    With Odor/Bautista there is also Stinky Odor mis-throwing to first base to complete the sweep for the Jays like the bum he is