• A Day In the Life

    He hasn't figured out how to shoot with his larger frame. Still shoots like he's 5'9

  • Max Li

    Melo's basketball iq is through the roof. His teammates could barely keep up with him

  • B

    Is this the worst shot posture in history? Watch Steve Nash or Ray Allen shoot. This is the complete opposite of that.

  • kingston Donaldson

    Bro lonzo my favorite player now enstead of seeing him as a starter I got to see him on a bench

  • asdf

    melo is a bust now hurry up and get his shit cunt father away from zion

  • asdf

    Zo getting fat like gelo. meanwhile melo is looking more like a crackhead everyday.

  • Vance F

    White 23 was ballin! And the hoops were way too short for black 24 he jumping out the gym

  • Hue Hue

    Melos NBA comparison... a poor man's mcw or Shaun Livingston.

  • Hue Hue

    Misleading clickbait.... heated my ass

  • Gregory Owen

    Wow. None of those guys no how to defend. This Lamelo clown has a lazy, from the hip shot that will quickly get shut down at pro level. The Balls will be forgotten in a few years anyway.

  • Shadow Viper Inc

    All y'all talking about click bait but does it matter. You see melo and you clicking on it...period

  • MercyGaming

    ITS TIME TO GOO ba doom doom doom doom doommmmmm

  • Bubu N

    Terrible recording 😤😤😤

  • J. BODDY

    Melo gotta get balls and get aggressive this ain't gone make it in the Z league

  • YMN TY

    Lol if Zion was in this gym the crowd would be so hype he would kill everybody on the court the crowd is so bored 😂