• Snicky G

    TO GEORGE.....Those stats are during the regular season. Where do you think the Raps would be in the playoffs without Kawhi? NOWHERE!!!

  • Snicky G

    Why do you ask such an ignorant question? I watched all the buck's playoff games! Kawhi exposed ALL of Giannis' flaws, etc. also, why would Giannis even be mentioned as an MVP! Giannis cannot shoot a jump shot, he cannot shoot free throws and what player, 7' tall, just wants to stay outside the rim area. Rarely does he protect the rim. I would certainly like to know what ignorant fools decided Giannis should be considered an MVP?

  • VeRnSquad5611

    Giannis is MVP, that means he's more valuable to his team than any player in the league this year, including Kawhi Leonard

  • VeRnSquad5611

    17-5 without Kawhi, that's really all that needs to be said to win this argument. The raptors starting 5 is better but the Bucks bench is deeper. Giannis is way more valuable, he's going to win the award for most valuable player this season Steven a lmao the Bucks could not win a playoff series without him. The raptors prolly didn't even need Kawhi to show up in the first round.

  • Blackbean Burger

    Anunoby is a good player. smith is just talking out of his ass again since he doesn't know the benchplayers from either team

  • Adam McFarlan

    SAS is the kind of guy that even if Giannis has 10 straight rings with 10 finals mvp's,is gonna be like "that kid couldnt shoot the three!".

  • Tanner Lang

    Have to agree with Max in this. Yes, Milwaukee has the better team without their star. BUT, by such a small margin. Lowry / Bledsoe Lowry is a bit better. Has made an all-star game, Bledsoe has not. Gasol / Lopez Again small advantage for Gasol. Middleton / Green Middleton by a decent margin Siakim Ibaka OG / Brogdon Mirotic Brown Again advantage might go to the Raptors here Also Milwaukee is really built around Giannis at this point. Toronto just aquired Kawhi this year.

  • Ikechi Pro

    Y'all do realize that the bucks winning percentage was better this season when giannis didn't play


    Well this is pretty easy to answer after 2 games 😂😂😂

  • Richard Lawrence

    Mr.Smith is right.Kawai can't even take a rest or the bottom will fall out of Toronto.The Bucks are deep with many good players.This series proves that.

  • Abdisalam Farah

    The question was who is MVP for their team it is Giannis, if the question is who is complete player overall it is Kawhi. Giannis is only better at driving to the net and defense, Kawhi is good at many sides of the game.

  • ElevatedRed

    Imo Terry Rozier was right, I think the thing they didnt look at was that. The bucks roster is better than the Raptors but that's because the synergy is great because of Giannis and all of their guys like Khris Middleton and Brook Lopez look better than they normal because Giannis fits perfectly with them.

  • AlexMB4L

    Maybe the old 1-3-1 zone could beat Giannis

  • Eric H

    Only reason I came was to see my UofL homey Scary Terry💯🔥♨