• Published on: 2019-05-13
  • Runtime: 10:31


  • arsenworld 123

    Where was all this love when it was bosh crying after Miami lost cause I seem to remember ppl calling him soft

  • tirrellg2 green

    I'm sitting in my grandma's basement right now lmao tweeting about Embid crying......lmao,  too funny!!!! Charles Barkley too funny,...….

  • Shreddie Krueger

    Imbiid blubbering like a child only endeared me to him. I love that emotion out of an athlete. Its certainlly better than guys Who act like pampered entitled asses.

  • A Reitz

    So...they ARE better without Demar?

  • Bubba Champ

    Charles might say some odd things, but he is pretty accurate with his picks


    They BARELY mentioned it! But hey, let´s make it the title of a 10-minute video...

  • Slushie 33

    Embidd was crying because of how much he cares for the game. I would be crying if I put so much hard work into the series and then it’s all gone because of one shot. You don’t understand how much that means to embiid.

  • Chris Croft

    Normally crying after a losing a big game is no big deal. But when guy crying talks that much trash on everyone else he’s got to expect to get roasted. Don’t give it if you can’t take it.

  • T. Mojito

    "they don't get paid cause they can play. cause I watch em and they cant play." savage.

  • thestainNY

    "4 the record I coach youth sports...& I don't see any difference on the Pro level, matter fact the pros are more selfish" !!!

  • matthew

    I would cry if I lost a game that big

  • Jonny Flint

    What's with black peeps and crying and gay people and shit. Black people hate gay people and men who cry, go figure.

  • Cyperz

    Who else thinks Ben Simmons was a mistake?