• Samantha Vickers

    Yo Logan I’m a 15 year old girl fighter from Ohio and I’m so happy you had Paige on. This podcast helped me a lot mentally when it comes to my fighting.

  • Dominick Mccurdy

    No one : Absolutely no one: Logan Paul : Ima corn fead boy from Ohio

  • DJP 19287

    You no a draw is not bad bc if it was mma you would have wooped em just saying...

  • Lucero Marisol Flores Gomez

    I’m from 🇲🇽 mexico. + in the U.S they make "burritos" NOT tacos, corn tortillas are needed (not the Taco Bell type tho 🌮 ). Come to 🇲🇽 and try them 🤤 💕

  • Natilie Herrera

    Mike hair cut remind me of one of my cusions beside the 6'7 10in 270 pounds raw muscles

  • mia garcia

    Tacos r the best wdym!!!!!🌮🌮 like this if u agree

  • Monkey _yah

    I don't like some tacos but my aunt makes really good ones

  • nahndeskript

    I've personally never heard of anyone who didn't like tacos, until now.

  • T

    These guys love talking about banging sluts more than anything else. Paige should just kick all of their asses and then write a book about it.

  • T

    the extent of research these nimrods do for their guests is watching a couple youtube clips (while the guest is there)

  • T

    cool story, Mike... wait, no, it wasn't.

  • T

    "you wrote a book?" -- "yeah a year ago" -- "I have a HUGE question... how long did it take you to write it?" -- God, these guys are dumb.

  • T

    Paige wrote a bestselling book -- question they ACTUALLY ask their guest, "So you wrote a book? Why did you write a book? It's out now?" 29:24

  • Goon Squad

    34:27 Paige : “I’m a Christian” Mike : “Hell yea” Love mike 😂😂