• Chris Contact

    He probably is not on steroids yet. The pros and olympians are so much faster it is rediculious. I dont know how long it would take him to train on steroids and as a pro or pro college athlete to get to that level. Hopefully he does not get jaded seeing what goes on while wanting a level field to race against.

  • Dangerous Johnny O'donnell

    Kudos to Matt. And to the minority of commentators who use Matt to promote your loser ideology of white nationalism, go away. What you are doing is obscene - and harmful to Matt, to the sport of Track and Force , and to our society. White nationalists - if you really want to emulate Matt, then drop the hatred and work hard to achieve something great with the talents God gave you.

  • Michelle Wright

    He DID That! Just read about Boling in Sports Illustrated. I wish him the best. Stay grounded and keep focused on what got you where you are. God bless you.

  • Marcus Sosa

    Desoto gets hawked and losses their 4x400 title... Ouch

  • T Mayo

    Man lil dude had a serious jump on Matt and he caame back. Nice race fellas !!!

  • DJ

    My poor kid's anchor leg is not even a mention 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Hey, we got 3rd at State and he ran a 47.7 split . Not too shabby for a soccer player! Well, soccer player turned track runner as he got recruited to run for UT. See you next year Boling!!!!!

  • roger5173

    The black kid he caught needs to turn in his black card

  • Shabutie554

    Do us white people get in trouble if we feel white pride? I mean it's like black people feeling proud about say, a hockey player, or Nascar driver, or even baseball player (not so much anymore). Let's be real. Brothers have dominated the track game for a very long time. Then here comes this white kid who is a transcendent talent, and able to keep up with, even beat his mostly black competition. I think it's pretty cool. Just like I think Jackie Robinson was cool. We can talk about race differences without getting all butthurt.

  • Wee Chatt

    Goddamn!!!! These kids are getting faster and faster!!!

  • Wee Chatt

    White lightening!!!!⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️props to the track brother!!!

  • NIc K

    Whites win? Whites win again guys! Hahahaha cartman

  • Depcom

    No doubt this kid can be competitive in anything from the 100 meter to the 10,000 meter events. Just call him FLASH BOLING!