• Greg Homan

    Good as CP3 is, Clippers won that trade hands down. Among others, they got Lou Williams, Patrick Beverley, and Montrezl Harrell from Houston.

  • Kirby Le

    If Harden and CP3 play better off ball, they have a chance. Harden literally just stands still at the three if he doesn't have the ball.

  • Pyroman /

    Harden is to worried about getting fouls called lets it get to him and he gets flustered look at kawhi you rarely see him say a word to the refs he just puts his head Down plays threw the contact and let's his coach talk to the refs

  • Antonio Kim

    No getting the All-State insurance after watching Chris Paul and James Harden was a mistake. Should had trusted them and got the State-Farm smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Zac R

    That payment was inevitable after trading for him. Why would they have traded and let him go in free agency. They gave way too much for Paul

  • bandoogiemanz

    Check out that subtle dig bballbreakdown threw in with that clip from 5:52-5:56. Doc Rivers laughing, lol.

  • David Paulo

    Team basketball built on trust, energy and chemistry prevailed. Compare Warriors to the LeBron-led Lakers.

  • aridf

    In an Silicon Valley esq scheme the Warriors knew the Rockets could get close if they make the right moves last year so they played with them for 7 games so the Rockets would hand out big contracts to all the wrong guys to lock themselves into a mediocrity team

  • Andre Silvestri

    The amount of money was paul is not thats just to much to pay for 1 guy un less u harden curry durant Leonard giannas exc rockets need sf and length

  • Gerald Walls jr

    Yeah Chris is done I'm sorry but the hamstring was his doing he's done

  • Ender Lain

    I hate it when curry pass alway overhead when double teamed. The opponent are aware of it and most of his turnovers comes from that. A bounce pass once in a while would help

  • Alex Hathaway

    Chris Paul signed for 30 plus million. Golden State lost KD and still crushed the Rockets. That's a dumb question.

  • Reningan

    Those teams who won multiple titles, i.e. a dynasty, in the NBA in the past 30 years always moved the ball around. Chicago Bulls, LA Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, and Golden State Warriors. Those teams who do not move the ball well never comes close to building a dynasty.

  • Fine Wine Daily

    The Rockets effectively went toe to toe with one of the all-time super teams two straight years. And with a less talented group of players. It's hard to criticize their coaching and GM decisions just because they ran into the Warriors.

  • John Rafael Sytin

    well Lou montrezl Danilo and pat bev wouldn't of fitted as well with Harden, but if harden changed his iso game a bit then the rockets would've been way better with the core they traded for paul

  • jeremy balsley

    Bringing in the near retirement vet to win now rarely pays off, especially in the NBA.