• TheLocalLt

    “The king, by sheer force of will, strung together two wins” yea that or you know draymond being suspended for their one remaining home game… no suspensions in the finals. They should also stop counting technicals in the finals as well. I’d be down to extend both of these policies to the conference finals as well. Nobody pays to see the refs we pay to see the best!

  • Tim D

    Jr is a idiot but hill should have made the free throws

  • Nero Bruno

    One mistake and a thousand haters forgot his share of the Cleveland Championship. Suddenly he's trash, suddenly he's no good. You make me sick. Will laugh to see him rise again before certain others.

  • Fer Carlo Cartagena

    Even the commentators were dumbfounded at how stupid JR Smith was at that moment.

  • wopjohn

    Maybe wait til lebron actually wins something to call him king?

  • Liam Mahoney

    A lot of unnecessary info in this vid I'm five minutes in and no points have been made

  • Devlin Wideman

    The type of people to move out their house when their is a leak

  • BloodLad 25

    This just proves that JR is the heaviest load LeBron had to carry

  • choco chiplet

    We just gonna ignore draymond greens’ lane violation on the free throw

  • Can't Beat The BAY!

    Let's not lie here... Lebron was ALSO unaware that they had a timeout. He is just as much at fault.

  • arogthegriot

    Cmon man, can we stop taking my FATHERS name in vain while dropping f bombs, if u don't believe in GOD that's your choice, yet lots of us do, would u disrespect Muhammad, Buddha etc. like that and offend those followers, no then why offend us as Christians, be who want and let me as well, I don't go around judges atheist or disrespecting their beliefs so stop disrespecting mine

  • Andy Tran

    “Where they participated in the playoffs” 💀💀💀

  • AidenT06

    Where can I get the image from 10:03

  • m jefferson

    Great video! J.R. Smith is a Pot head 1st and a Professional basketball player 2nd why can't people notice that?

  • Tony Almeida

    I have no dog in this fight but I am still eternally grateful to JR Smith. The world is a much more entertaining place thanks to the presence of clueless people like him.