• Taylor Maddox

    lol Amar'e came back from injury with NY "better than before"? He had half a season of brief MVP considerations prior to the Melo trade then was injured for the remainder of his Knicks tenure.

  • NBA Nabil Hafassa

    Finally!!! Someone giving Bol Bol the respect he DESERVES!!! F*ck they talking bout 21st pick SMH

  • Jaime eclair

    If you're not Bol Bol's agent, then his agent should give you a cut of his fee because this feature on Bol Bol is phenomenal . I want to sign him now after watching this, lol.

  • Sam Gil

    I don’t care if you’re under 6 feet tall… If you’re ‘un-athletic’… Or if you’ve already tried every bogus jump ‘tutorial’ you could find on YouTube… Before you give up on your dream of throwing down rim‑shaking dunks… Let me tell you something… Be persistent. You'll likely embarrass yourself during your first several attempts to dunk, but get up off the floor and try again. You'll be very impressed at your improvement if you keep practicing your leaps and building the strength in your legs. You CAN Dunk…

  • Dave Watt

    He's a risk because of his perceived lack of durability. Beefing up a little would be a big help.

  • Mediocre MTBer

    Funny thing is I have played with him with friends at my local court

  • Abu Ibu

    I bet all fans of teams who are picking late in the first round are now eyeing this kid. I know I am, even though I'm a 76er and we don't really need him, but I'll get him to replace Marjanovic as our Embiid backup for now.

  • Kyng Symba

    He will be a steal for some NBA team... 👀 #BolBol

  • Jason Lambdin

    90s NBA 5 threes a game? That's maybe what they take per half but that's all out false

  • Jason Lambdin

    Bol will have less than a 4 yr career. His build and height plus the fact his dad had major leg issues lead me to think his body won't last but a couple yrs

  • Jason Lambdin

    Tyler hero most underrated just watch. Dude is wet but because he's a white boy he gets downplayed

  • Robert Lennig

    Shit the Knicks shod get him with kd and a wieght trainer .

  • Robert Lennig

    The next kd .if he wants it and smart team develops him probably no team will most teams are stupid.

  • Michael Chapman

    I want my Cavs to draft Bol Bol. Love his game and potential. If he stays healthy he will put up 20 ppg 10 rpg 2blocks per gm How can you pass up on this kinda talent?

  • How I made

    should be avging 10 blocks a game. 3 is too little wth

  • RICKY bobby

    ya i hate these tall guys, theyre fucking skinny as shit no fuckin shit they get injured alot fuck em