• funny cyclist

    12 - WHAT A F***** ANIMAL!!!!!! also great job by Thiem who needs to wait at least one more year

  • MoeGabby

    *Tournoi de Nadal-Garros / Nadal Garros Tournament*

  • Thomas Sheriff

    If you reach two French Open finals and lose to Nadal, you’re a top class clay courter. Dominic Thiem hit some absolute weapons in that first set and had the intensity to actually play through Nadal. Nobody can maintain that intensity though because Nadal breaks you down psychologically. He actually stresses me out when I watch him play. You imagine playing someone like him, he’s your worst nightmare. You can see the pain on his opponents face. It gets to the point where winning even one point is a mountain, never mind the match! Once he’s got you, there’s no comeback.

  • HiddenWen

    Nadal yearly goals: Win more than 1 grand slam.

  • Boaz Luseka

    i can see nadal already winning the next 2 rg again

  • Ahmed Ghazala

    معقول ثيم الاعب الشاب يتاثر بدنيا بسبب مباراة جوكوفيتش بينما نادال صاحب 33 عاما كما هو؟! اكيد المنشطات هي السر

  • Rohan Patel

    I swear he’s guna make people think he’s from France

  • Galimah

    maybe not the best match i have seen. it was many years a ago i followed tennis but these guys wouldn´t win game from the German GOAT Boris Becker... or the second best Ivan Lendl

  • searcy mcfly

    nadal is a beast. Maybe the most versatile player in the history of the game.

  • Pascoe Braun

    Margaret Court being compared to Rafa? That bigot , really?

  • Nghĩa Đức


  • Ferhat

    not smart play from thiem. So no chance against a Monster.

  • Sito Sainz

    I predicted he would be done by 30 because his game was so physical. Did not count on his mind and ability to evolve..

  • Damien CALLAGHAN

    TWELVE TITLES Bur he is beatable on clay Remember Robin Soderling a few Years ago

  • Yuri Maziev

    Something is telling me Dominick will make it his mission to get on top of Nadal next year. Just watch.

  • USO Series 2018

    Unbelievable No.12 Rafa prouved that impossible isn't existe in sport Many congratulations king and keep going Waiting for #19 in Wimbledon Inshallah