• GoWestYoungMan

    How can you say the Raptors are terrible from 3 points when they're #1 in the NBA from 3 points since the trade deadline? Do these guys even look at the stats or are they just trying to stir people up by saying absurd things? I guess that's good for ratings.

  • Kurt Gauger

    Hey Skip looks like Shannon did confirm that bet. So your that should be disqualified or whatever is garbage.

  • TDB

    This aged like milk accidentally left out when you went on holiday

  • Abdul Aden

    Skip 😂 sorry the raptors won in 6 and Kawhi got the MVP I love seeing these idiots always getting it wrong

  • Im the Critic

    Warriors will win kawhii:Hold my Champagne googles😁😂Congrats Raptors

  • Anton Santiago

    Brossaurd congratulations to your embarrassing wrong predictions n start praying n hear mass everyday n you will have the right prediction . Shut your mouth n pray to God n you will make all your endeavours successful . Be humble n kind n deal right Lt n legally . What is pleasing to God will win in what you pursue .

  • terry tee

    Chris doesn't know what he's talking about