• Dan Jennings

    I could get first cause I don't have my high latency keyboard equipped 😂

  • Ryan Wojo

    1:32 7 year olds see code agent lets use it in the Fortnite item shop.👌

  • Haywood Jablomi

    My half full bottle of Poland spring is enough for all of “Gambia”

  • B1G D1RT

    Zack looks like he dumped ramen on his head and went out.

  • Dwayne Boyd

    U need to stop advertising the game agent Ur starting to become part of the reason why the game is so bad If the game keeps getting advertisements it gonna get money And the 2k devs or creators of the game will do nothin but fuck the game up forever

  • Danny phantom

    Every one: nice fountain. Agent: This fountain could feed starving kids in Africa.

  • Fatherless Freddy

    I love watching a bunch of nobodies get together and pretend that they're somebody's.... Demonetized!!!!!!!

  • Richeb 100

    Bruh get a haircut and you will be dummy lit

  • pblackjac

    Agent... bruh.... There's only 2 casinos in Niagara Ont. You're talking like they have them lined all the way up Lundy's Lane. 🤣🤣🤣

  • SnappySnoot

    bruh agent rockin the fridge protector build till he dies lmao

  • Kareem Khalil

    Yo if ya had a pro am team that would be pure comedy 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ramzo Phinello

    Vince is in hall of fame and Kawhi is good but not better than vince

  • Eli Jah

    Looks like they missing Demar so much 😂