• Ueno Ocean

    It's a team game. Kidd is there to Keep players focused while head coach coaches . Kidd does a good job he gets another head coach position

  • T. Wyndero Griffin

    Vogel does not respect hisself. He took a bs job under bs terms. Every player knows it, know way he gets respect. Jackson was right, black coaches get the shaft quite a bit, ty Lou being offered a sucker deal is the perfect example.

  • Kevin Charles

    Sounds like a player problem. Maybe their parents should have raised them to RESPECT everyone instead of just a select few

  • Maurice Thompson

    I think the reason Jason Kidd did not get the head coaching job is because he actually needed a couple of years of asst. coaching before he was made coach of the Nets after he retired. He did coach Milwaukee to the playoffs but it was mediocre season after mediocre season (team not reaching full potential). Frank Vogel is pretty good with emphasis on defense, however, his offensive scheme is rather archaic (offense with little to no imagination like Rudy Tomjanovich). They just hired Lionel Hollins as another asst. The biggest issue with the Lakers obviously has little to do with acquiring more talent (they have a talented young core), & more to do with developing team chemistry & leadership skills. It will be an interesting season in Lakerland next season.

  • Gabriel Onate

    Ty lu was offered the job he turned it down so forget about him.

  • Rahaman Awelenje

    Smh where do these networks find these guys to talk about nothing They know about or have 0 clue of what they are talking about

  • Jack Mehoff

    No respect for the coach? Get rid of the players.

  • Johnny Capafella

    They acting like Frank didnt take immature Lance Stephenson, young PG, beat up Danny Granger, David west, and 1 good year of Roy Hibbert to the playoffs, he not no Popovich but he not trash lol 😭😭😭

  • lenny mulrooney

    I have no respect for Stephan Jackson who can’t even speak correctly.

  • King Dre

    Jason Witlock has to have a white wife or something, like you can really tell he has self hate issues. I don't think he would ever marry a black woman, he's too much of a uncle Tom to ever marry anything close to him.

  • ASG2K

    Now I know why Popovich kicked Stephen Jackson out of San Antonio 🤦‍♂️

  • Peter Amirault

    The Lakers brought in a coach that LeBum can control and will be expendable.

  • BRBallin1

    The best coaches are white coaches. Don't @ me

  • Kareem Davis

    Whitlock this dude 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • titomoney13

    The decisions are being made in the way they are because women are emotionally motivated creatures. And a lot of times when women are in a position based around men, it’s more about showing power than making the right decision! 🤭