• Piotr Fila

    when the slap is more effective than the snap

  • brio2323

    How the hell we stopped there? Big guy was to slap that other guy back. WTH man!

  • N&B nation

    I’ve never laughed so hard watching guys getting knocked out😂

  • Zakir Hossain

    এইটা কিভাবে খেলা হয়? 🙄

  • Pigga pants The 3rd

    So if you slap someone to death in this and they die do you get away with murder?

  • Possessed Boss

    8:37 literally about to make him get slapped like eighty more times


    I want to get into thatcontests because i can perfectly slap just like..... N I C E

  • Bear hunter

    I had to mute. Fucking guy talking ruined the video .he needs to stfu

  • Mingster

    He’s cheating make him shave his beard

  • Christian Kyne

    Yall looking at the slap competition, what about the smoking hot chick with the orange sweather and black hair in the background?