• Ron


  • Brandon

    Literally the worst finally I’ve ever seen

  • 2thebestsport

    Waa,waa,waaaaa! Guardiola all the money in the world and no champions for you again, jaajaaaaa!

  • Ahmed Nuaimi

    Stupid commentators, they took all the excitement out of the game.

  • Adam Hosein

    salah scores totenham ehh we still have a chance origi nice joke mate look at my 7 goals

  • Timothy Mua

    Son deserves better. He was one of the only players who was giving all his effort!

  • thunderflash O7

    idk why pochettino puts kane into the final when lucas moura put the whole team in the final and to be benched, that's bad managing. Honestly without kane, Tottenham would have won the final. Examples: Spurs vs Man city:4-3 without kane, Spurs vs Ajax 3-3 agg without Kane, Spurs vs Liverpool:0-2 with kane

  • Joshua Brown

    Kane's white privilege is what cost Spurs.. pochettino is stupid ASF..not even a fan of tott but damn you guys are silly.. YOU DONT NEED HARRY KANE... but I called it last year.. said Liverpool would be back. Said theyd win the leauge. Got called stupid.. well look at us now bitch. Didn't get the leauge but by God this was way better. Was locked up ehen the game was played and had to wait til midnight on june 4th to find out. Literally fell to my knees.. #YNWA 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 and who else to seal it then divock origi..

  • Misty Von

    I'm still cumming when I watch this. Is that bad?

  • Thomas Hochheimer

    Was in Madrid during the game one of the greatest nights of my life, LIVERPOOL!!

  • aregua1

    Another high-scoring, exciting soccer game.

  • terminatora777

    At, perhaps, the most important match in their entire history, Tottenham seemed unmotivated and lethargic at times. It was enough for Liverpool to operate on 70% of their full capacity to beat Spurs.

  • Brandon Golden

    these highlights are better than the UEFA channel! Thank you!

  • Shannon Luciano

    when i saw kane starting i knew they would lose lol MP wtf was you thinking dickhead

  • Kevin Hernandez

    pochettino should've played son up top like against city and lucas behind him

  • George Zhang

    Why is Alisson so fking good? It’s so hard to make him not save the goal! I can’t wait to see he miss the shoot for motherfucking toilet 🚽 scousers