• Freyr SeaWolf

    Never underestimate A Mexican with boxing gloves on . A boxing nation for sure . Well done Ruiz . Your right mate I’ll be following you for sure .

  • karpetcabin

    Ruiz's boxing style reminds me of a very young Mike Tyson.

  • Gustavo Fabregas

    He got him right on the temple. That punch that 1st wobbled him stood ....with him the rest of the fight.

  • Mr. Fireman

    “Lineal champ” means nothing. Tyson Fury became champ and then immediately folded. Took a long layoff from boxing. He forfeited his rematch with Klitschko. He’s no champ! Ruiz is a real champ! I rank him higher than Fury.

  • invidia44

    Mexican blood but then shows nonito donaire??? wat???

  • Billy Bob

    Ruiz is not a little man He is 6‘2“ tall 260 plus pounds fast and and perhaps most importantly he was struggling financially with the biggest payday and the biggest opportunity of his life he did not waste it, he just plain out smarted outboxed and out fight Anthony Joshua and his team.

  • Scott Elam

    I like Mr Ruiz, I hope he stays focused, trains smart and hard, and doesn't get too comfortable...stay hungry Mr Ruiz ☆

  • django jango

    I did not hear or see the 10 reasons really he's beat Anthony Joshua this freaking video it's a fluke show me the 10 reasons re-edit this b******* piece of s*** mother f***** suck my nuts suck my dick and swallow my sperm with all my babies motherfuking just like your wife did when she was sucking my dick last night she swallow all of my babies I busted a nut in her mouth and filled it up with some nice warm body temperature sperm at 98.6 body temperature and she suck me dry mother f***** racist bastards

  • ICEMAN ice must see!

  • Shalom Yisrael

    A MEXICAN heavyweight champion? Oy - vey! WTF is next a tranny granny heavyweight champion?

  • Cobby1 c -3cccprod

    I was working out in at Club SAR gym when Julio Cesar Chavez came in training for his last fight now we have a heavyweight that fights just like him straight punches! finally, we got somebody who knows how to punch right! I think he will be the heavyweight champ for a long time ! all fighters need to take a lesson on boxing from him

  • MuscleSheriff

    Deontay wilder also gave warnings on ruiz before the fight

  • John Hodgkinson

    I’m from uk and support an but I’m a bigger fury fan I’m glad Andy won I also think he beat Parker when they fought poor guy I was gutted for him back then but so happy for him I think he will beat an again Don’t think he has a chance with fury with been awkward as is more bodybuilder physic so maybe why he looks stiff compared to wilder fury etc

  • Stu_Lopher

    Andy always looks like he's wearing eyeliner. But I wouldn't say it to his face.

  • James Dodson

    Screw this ungrateful bitch. He was born in the US and the States gave him every opportunity to succeed. Yet somehow he's Mexican? This dude is the Jeremy Lin of boxing. All this attention will only make his downfall more notable. He'd get wrecked by Fury, Wilder, or Joshua (in a rematch).

  • Andrew Twiselton

    No offence but it's quite simple Anthony Joshua was exhausted simples! I don't think he underestimated Andy he just had nothing to give


    As much as I Love to give Andy Ruiz his credit but he has the habit of hitting his opponent at the back of their head.

  • Chichu

    The more highlights i watch of ruiz, the more I'm excited for the rematch between aj and ruiz! I thought that Aj didn't take the fight seriously but damn ruiz is just a beast of a fighter!! Props to him!

  • SpaceGhost

    I just went back and watched Ruiz vs Parker. Yeah Andy got screwed, he was hammering Parker the whole fight.