• OnePlickyDood

    "Mom! We don't have to struggle anymore!" that man will forever have my respect for that line. come to find out later he has 5 kids LOL

  • Jayden Simpson

    Joshua beat the count then the ref called it off for no reason

  • blaaa

    Look. Got to give it to Andy... amazing performance. Joshua is an embarrassment.

  • Daniel Fraser

    I might not be a fan of Ruiz but well done to the dude👏

  • Marlon Medrano

    RUIZ IS UNBEATEN ✊✊✊✊✊👌👌👌👌☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

  • IbnBahtuta

    Some people say that Joshua looked like he would rather be somewhere else, and that was before the fight started. I don't know who will win the rematch but I hope it's Joshua.

  • Justin Case

    A Mexican born in America? So, what the heck, he's a Mexican American.

  • malcolm booth

    Haha joshua gave Ruiz the title . He was half asleep. Josh will ko Ruiz in next fight.

  • james heintz

    AJ didn't underestimate Ruiz, he didn't make excuses when he lost, he didn't take anything from Ruiz, he simply did one thing that can not happen to a fighter.......he became civilized! When you lose the fire to fuel the beast then you have lost everything.

  • Tekno

    AJ is scared. The fights gonna be back in america where it is REALLY strict testing done so theres not a chance to do PEDS. VADA is really strict when it comes to testing for peds AJ knows that. Cant say the same for Saudi Arabia or UK. Thats why ruiz is like NOPE where going to fight somewhere in america.

  • David Torres

    Watching AJ and his knockouts, noticed the other boxers couldn’t take his power and wouldn’t counter. The other fighters would just absorbe AJs punches and would cover till the ref would stop them or get knocked out, but Andy always countered and pushed him back.