• charles jones

    Feel bad for rose i like that girl andrade look like a boy wtf that move should be illegal. Andrade is build like a boy only way to beat her is wrestling

  • TipToper619

    sometimes being a champion can be too stressful for humble people.... still she has mad skills and I would be honored to continue to support her if she still fights.... but to be honest... it looks like it was a setup.....

  • TheDryparn

    Slams shouldn't be allowed in the sport. The risks are too high.

  • Armando Durazo Hoyos

    What I didnt like about Jessica was that after the slam, she didnt go check up Rose. She only cared about herself. A true agressor. Poor, poor sportsmanship

  • David Walker

    I really hope rose does not retire because she really is a step above all the other woman in her weight class. If she got a rematch i think she would smoke jessica like she was the whole fight until she got caught.

  • PlanB

    Not to mention, Rose did fight a Transgender here, how could UFC allow this in the first place...blows my mind

  • Jason E

    Andrade body looks like a mans. She is so jacked on ped’s

  • mess meg

    Looking on this fight I have biger respect to Joanna. Rose look very out of breath on second round.

  • anthony foster

    GREAT job Jessica she waited 2 years for this fight she deserves the win its never over until the last second ja is a beast

  • Luke H

    Personally i think slamming an opponent on their head and neck shouldn't be allowed. Thats deadly and life threatening. She could of broken her neck. Im all up for slams but like.. The rampage jackson kind.. when they are in guard on the bottom and u slam them on their back. The way roses head bent was hard to watch. That one specific slam when its directly on the head and the head only should be illegal

  • fosterpainter

    the explanation took longer than the fight, good thing it wasn't five rounds

  • Julian Honore

    Rose can carry the entire female division. Shes a symbol. I sometimes think shes a peek at the future - of more than the sport, but society. Where we want to go. We really need her around, and we need to see how she handles a loss. I tend to thin this was a "bullshit" win, but thats because I love Rose. It was a terrifying drop, but she was still waving the ref off. Ive seen so many "undeserving" UFC wins and surprising knockouts. Its not always about skill, and Rose is a skill fighter. Or as Wonder woman says "ees not about deserve".

  • FacePalm TheWorld

    she almost broke rose's neck with that foolish slam. if she did, it would have ruined the sport. i feel she was heavily outmatched and literally went into kill mode to win that title. she should be banned from mma. its a sport, not the fkn Thunderdome.



  • Joe Wolf

    Only Americans would pronounce Andrade as “on the rush” 🤦🏻‍♂️ I mean wtf is wrong with that country? Why can’t anyone from that shitland pronounce any foreign names properly?