• Lbj

    I thought this was Steve Kerr on the panel talking about Steve Kerr.

  • Jonathan Bailey

    Dubs always go all out jus like when dey went fa 73. It came back ta bite me n tha end. Dejavu

  • Steve Pemper

    In the end folks- YOU are in charge of your own body- and the decisions YOU make.. I have to believe KD was involved in his decision on playing.. KD could have said NO... Teams have no right to force anyone to play with an injury. That is not fair to the player.

  • yours truly

    Whitlock can be a mean dude but i find myself agreeing with him

  • yours truly

    Kevin was the sacrificial lamb in this warrior's empty quest for a 3peat and as a fan im pissed

  • M Johannesen

    Everybody looks the expert after the fact: is it Kerrs Job to advise KD? I thought the doctors and managers of the organization made that call. Kerr only coaches active players. Kerr played his role. If Kerr said Hey KD we`d love you out there, and I doubt he did, its all speculation, but how many people would not have said that? Since they didnt know the extent of his injuries, it was advised as a calf strain. The doctors have to answer to this, not Kerr. Just wait for the facts before all the media experts start sledging Kerr. But of course it makes for great TV right. If KD came back and they won the championship the narrative would have been "man of great heart", brave warriors etc, just like Jordan did against the Celtics scoring 63 points in double overtime after he broke his foot and was told not to play.

  • Derrick Milton

    The media//social media is Muhammad Ali: Kevin Durant is George Foreman: The medical staff is Don King!

  • Tim L

    I hope KD takes the $30+ million next year from GSW and then bolt.

  • Victoria Johnson

    How do you know. Were any of you there. This is a petty witchhunt , yellow journalism.

  • Teleplace2

    He prognosis/recovery time is; out @ least 60-90 days; with his Primary ankle injury..

  • Luis Hernandez

    KD should of came off the bench maybe start the game 5minutes warm up then rest

  • Nathaniel Emmons

    Kd thought he could be terrell owens but it didnt work.that team broke up soon after they lost as well

  • Alt Doom

    No ! He should not have played! He was wincing and in pain at several points in the game before he fell down. He should have been pulled out.

  • ionian atlas

    Whitlock is 100% right. Kerr showed his true colors and lack of spine. Kerr has a whiny ass opinion on all things politics but dodges questions about HIS job. Kerr is a spineless punk.

  • lo lo


  • Fernando Arboleda

    kawhi was smarter about trusting team doctors, in spite of spurs great organization, it is a competitive business

  • Fernando Arboleda

    kerr was not ducking he was following upper management orders that the fake crybaby was going to lie for the team,since they knew they royally had FKd up and jeopardized kd's career, if i'm kd i sue for 100 million malpractice