• Coach Snow

    Hey so happy for you man! Remember your roots, and passion, and yes hard work! Keep it going and never give up!

  • Dan

    If you quit saying 'Dope, Bro, and Feel Me" you wouldn't be able to talk and you would have to go back to school.

  • Kaelum Harvey

    Y'all what s the name of the song at the end of the video??? wheeewh he be snapping!

  • Yung Sace

    When do you see him not holding a football or camera

  • MyleyJ n Tre

    my guy deestroying giving that inside look at the CFL.I love it. Can't to do our collab. If you're interested in what the truth is about the NFL looks like. Check my channel out after you finish my guy vid!! 10 toes down!

  • Taneyka Moore

    bless the kid that was crying when you saw him. he is so sweet you are making such an impact

  • quinnjim

    Sitting on the subway riding to the game should put things in perspective a little bit.

  • Talon Widow

    9:51 “I’m sorry I cussed but I ain’t doing no push ups”. 😂

  • яσуαl вєαѕт

    10:11 😂 I don’t know if that was a voice crack or that was just a edit but it was funny

  • 2k God

    T Mac was better on the magic btw I’m young and know a lot about ball

  • EgaR YT

    deestroying i play for the jr. geegees in Ottawa and were going to the nike cup in Montreal could you come its july 15 stay 10 toes down