• Roselle Cascayan

    That game is what you call THE BIG K for toronto K means karma. Dont ever ever laugh if somebody got hurt.

  • Ray2Jerry

    LOL I was hoping something like this would be on YouTube!! Thanks for Sad Cam 2019, Global, really made my day 😂

  • Merita Ignacio

    What if the super team is healthy? Would Toronto survive? No disrespect to Toronto they are good..But would they survive the splash brothers onslaught?

  • Jeff Sorby

    Geez the trash people leave behind. Don't people clean up after themselves?

  • Clearlywinter 00

    YAYY GOLDEN STATE WON SORRY RAPTORS I KINDA FEEL BAD FOR RAPTORS BUT golden state is my fav but I'm kinda sad golden state and RAPTORS had to face off

  • Video Time With Sergio

    I just love it that the people are loud and cheer against my warriors but the Crowd of the opposing team is quiet because we won the game!

  • Syn_HyperSonic 54

    I'm about to piss off some Canadians but if that timeout while up by six points wasn't called you would be champs but if you lose this series that will be the moment that screwed everything up. All the pressure is on you now having to try to close the series always remember the thunder, warriors, and Indians, who all were favorites to win but choked a 3-1 lead.

  • jhazzymae mercado

    Just 1 points ahead...still raptors here 😍😍 betterluck next time Go for the win..