• rxtsec1

    Media always trying to control & tell players what to do

  • Brice de Place

    Chris Broussard cleaning up his act! his lies... speculations... try to keep face... his poor miserable soul... should quit!

  • Jon Davis

    I’m almost zero worried about the warriors going into next season it’s very relieving people

  • trev N

    12 Degrees LOL It has been -20 enough times last couple years in TO. Its Cold here

  • K B

    GSW is a disgusting franchise who KNEW KD had an achilles injury but played it off as a "calf strain". KD had no business being out there in game 6 and now Klay has a torn ACL. Golden State don't give a damn about these players, they got greedy and wanted another chip.

  • Adi

    KD should leave!!

  • airan peleg

    just a seriously real psa for all those playing the injury card against the raptors' chip...courtesy of tim and sid (canada's version of skip and shannon)...this is the journalistic equivalent to kawhi's "shot" on the injury argument - game over! :)))) (the karma swung back around gsw!)... @t​

  • Mantis Toboggan

    Raptors just take Demar and Kawhi and the rest of the 2019 champion team and it would be awesome

  • James Boisits

    Why are these guys ignoring the fact that Brooklyn has 2 max spots not 1?

  • sTaTus bro

    Chris's face tho when dude said Canada was

  • james perez

    Coward quit ur job and that other dude to both y'all suck at predictions


    Another video of what players should and shouldn't do. Do these guys think Kevin Durant is going to consult with Colin and Chris in what he should do with is career?? Has Colin and Chris learned anything when Kawhi did what he wanted to do with his life?? These subjects never cease to amaze me with Sports media personalities who feel it's necessary to tell players what they should do!!! SMH

  • Ronald Chandler

    He did lead them to a Championship, didn't win it, left after and went to the team who beat them

  • Theo Schommer

    Kevin Durant will stay, and the warriors will win a few more championships

  • Gerald Moorehead

    These Sports reporters are so lame all of them are!!!! My opinion!!! He got hurt so now he feels like family 🤷🏾‍♂️😂

  • God

    *cavs in 7. lets go!*

  • Kenneth Pain

    WOW everyone is talking like the Raptors are not that good smh talking like the warriors need KD wow DUDE last year with KD they beat Houston in 7 this year Houston is tied with them 2-2 with KD playing than without KD they easily win the next 2games against Houston, so does that mean Houston is good or bad because the warriors are down to the raptors they say because they are losing now wow the warriors need KD to win what, AND THE TRUTH KD CANT LEAVE THE WARRIORS BECAUSE KD CANT WIN WITHOUT AN ALLSTAR TEAM FAX

  • clayton jackson

    Chris contradicts his own narrative and acts like its someone else's....Wow

  • Metal RocksOn

    Carmelo isn't even in the parking lot of Kevin's ballpark Chris! Not even close!!

  • Mar6

    Collin “length” cowherd