• J.R. Smith

    Here's what I think about the first 4 picks 1.pelicans RJ Barret 2. Grizzlies Zion Williamson 3 Knicks Ja Morant 4 Lakers bol bol Don't complain Pelicans and knicks fans it's what I think

  • Dwayne Thomas

    Phoenix could have really used that first pick. A roster with DeAndre Ayton, Devin Booker, Zion Williamson, Kelly Oubre Jr., and T.J. Warren at least has playoff potential. #Rigged

  • KvngzKa1000

    I'm from New Orleans so I'm SOOOO. Happy we getting ZION BABBY. #ZionforROTY

  • Abel Fernandez

    8th pick Atlanta Hawks and 10th pick Atlanta Hawks um whattttt

  • Kaio Viegas

    Everything that has money flowing is corrupt and rigged

  • Josh

    Lottery is ridiculous rule.