• Prentiss Hill

    You got that idea from Sam tabor and Ryan bracken at lest give them credit

  • Tina Ball

    Plunger Trickshots? What’s next, Fortnite?

  • TinMines

    The super Mario super show in a nutshell

  • _ N1GhT _

    This video makes dreams come true. 🤣 Somehow..

  • XR 20 AK PROz

    Why do the plungers sound like the pigs from Minecraft when they stick the landing???

  • TopNotch Sports

    its funny when you think how many times garret had to fake smile to make it seem like he predicted he was going to hit the target

  • Malachi and Don

    Me: I need to get plungers for my toilet!!!! Store: sorry but no Me: why? Store: don't ask

  • puppy play7

    i hate ty .he messed up the patten for the 5 sticker

  • The Gaming Geeks

    Scrolls down to see if there are any Mario Puns. Sees 100s ”These are my kind of people.”

  • gull Khan

    this is amazing video for perfect people real @t must watch this video @t