• Pasta boy

    1:22 Is anyone else have O.C.D because the fifth plunger 3 blocks away from the last but the rest are only 2 blocks apart

  • seashoree1

    Could you guys do a compilation of blind tricks that missed yet the guys pranked them into thinking it hit?

  • PGteev

    Sound effects are fake they all plop 1 second later then they stick

  • BlazeThunds

    Dude perfect: plunger trick shots Song: CAUSE WE WERE BORN FOR THIS

  • Kayla Nguyen

    2:00 if Ty didn't have that thing it would've been painful!

  • Steve D'Amato

    Dude Perfect: The Front Flippy Sticky!!!! Me: The darn this is flippin’ cringe


    Is it just me or most of the times when the plungers stick it’s on beat with the song