• Deshawn Da Don

    In this new society where everyone is fake and doesn't speak their mind I'm taking Rozier side. He was just speaking exactly how he feels, real people can relate......It's a breath of fresh air to hear people speak the truth every once in a while honestly tired of all the fake gayness in the world

  • Brendan McIntosh

    All these comments are like omg rozier says he doesn’t complain and here he is complaining!! Lol your taking what he’s saying too literally...he broke down what he thought the problem was not bein a pussy sayin exactly what he thought and I agree w him. He’s underrated, has so much explosion when driving to the hoop, and can hit shots.....kyrie is hard to play with too he’s a ball hog honestly. I’m from Boston and idgaf I’d love to have him on the team next year he’s a fuckin problem he should get more minutes.

  • Maurice McCoy

    He's not going to be in the league long publicly throwing his teammates under the bus 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Cody Warriner

    Hes never going to succeed after boston omfg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂hes like a jealous chick or younger brother

  • Inner Core

    Celtics known for doing shortcuts to get championships. This time it backfired a lot. They turn from title contender to a just another playoff team. No patience for celtics. They have a lot of talented young cores to build with. LMAO! who the fuck would want to play (superstars) for celtics anyway after what they did to IT?

  • Gabriel Blanton

    Even doe this was a bad idea, nothing Terry said really put him in a bad position.. he spoke very tastefully and tactically 💯 in this interview

  • the Juice Box

    Not a smart move, your not an allstar talent yet. Shouldve kept this in the locker room bruh

  • Justin Patton

    Stephen A Smith is st8 bull crap.. before the season started he clearly said Terry Rozier leave Boston get out of there. Go get your money go start somewhere.. You're ready

  • dat dude They HATE

    Yeah it’s called team basketball. No one remembers marubury in the playoffs

  • jerzon pineda

    Teddy be happy you a back up to a champion like kyrie. If you dont shine its because you not gridding hard enough

  • Ronald Ellis Jr

    Dam Terry your supposed to shoot the ball not your foot off on national television🤦🤦🤦🤦