• Tomas JK

    Curry now knows how is the feeling of Lebron in 2018 when he carried the poor Cavs and scored 51 points...

  • Joe Sanders

    KEMBA WENT OFF. And he did it against Jimmy, that's crazy.

  • AnimeLAS

    Literaly Kemba's and LeBron's Career


    remember when kobe had a moment like this but it was a whole season❓😂

  • gamer1

    How could you forget about kobe’s 81 points and wilt chamberlain’s 100 points

  • Josie Neel

    to be honest all of these could be LeBron then it would be over a year long

  • Bey Tuber

    the thumbnail should’ve been lebron lol , curry had a decent team

  • Mr.Dr.ProfStonerman

    I like Kemba he's so underrated as a pg but in my books defs top 10 in the league right now

  • Righty Hoe

    i thought this was just gonna be a lebron documentary

  • Mayonnaise 1

    What about almost every single hornets win with Kenna walker carrying

  • Jack Deane

    As if there ain't no 2016 Westbrook video in here, man straight CARRIED that team to the playoffs. Good video anyways!

  • justin douglas

    Just realized the whole time from when jr smith caught the rebound to when he was running to the three point line lebron was WIDE OPEN!

  • Real Games

    What’s the song you played on LeBron vs Warriors?

  • L0re

    Were the shit is harden

  • Adrian Lockit

    Why is curry here? Warriors still had Draymond and iguodala. Both all stars they Simply just didn’t play good