• KB2004

    i don’t even know who won 😐

  • Ryan 2985

    Bates is smooth as silk so advanced for his age

  • Ryan 2985

    2:32 Greg Ostertags son plays with Lebrons son I see

  • Braxton Mitchell

    bro no lie this man could literally be better than lamelo ball or probally the next leBron james

  • al3x Bball

    Tbh bronny doesn’t do as good as you say he does

  • thesstype

    This single game better then entire 2019 WCF series🏀🏀


    I don't like 21 on the other team as Bronny he is mean as heck on 3:24 he pushed the boy but the didn't do anything back but I don't know why

  • ateam137

    Am I the only one always looking for the highlights of the white kid's post moves? And before all of the faux racist stuff about me calling him 'the white kid', I'm white. And if I wasn't who cares? He IS the 'white kid'.

  • ateam137

    Not a huge Lebron fan, but how cool is it to be a kid and have King James cheering you on! He gets mad props for that.

  • Jamal Bell

    Do they put the goal down for them because it looks short

  • makeouthill

    James Jr. is gonna be running point one day I wonder for who 🤩