• Luis Diaz

    This guy doesn’t have eyes in his back; or rear view mirrors on each side. The conditions were not a joke. Looks to me MS won the right way.

  • Martin Monreal

    Don’t forget that the “winner” was the underdog so who ever betted on that horse won a lot of money

  • Charles Martino

    The worst derby in the 145 year history A total disgrace ,maximum security should never been taken down. The fix was in

  • Nah Florida

    Clear Path, War Of Will caused those problems 🗣‼️ Can’t wait to see Max against these horses again!

  • Horseman Gabby

    *I D I O T S* You are one of these if you think Country House deserved that win

  • Salice McCool

    Strengthens the argument that the Preakness stewards should’ve had the guts to DQ Codex in 1980.

  • Izzy Evans

    No matter what horse competes in the Belmont or Kentucky Derby, no other horse will or can beat secretariat's amazing record on both tracks. I would be amazed if that could be beaten


    A comparison of previous similar DQs would be good for people who don't watch a lot of horse racing. Is Country House owned by the Patriots or Duke University?

  • B M-Y

    War of Will should have won, it was the horse that could have won if not knocked around. Then we could still have a Trimple Crown contender since War of Will won Preakness.

  • Rogelio Espinosa

    El q diga que ese potro no ganaba esta equivocado les ganaba igual fíjense cuando entra a recta. Final todos parejos son unos malos perdedores comenzando con bii moott con los payasos Pratt y court no tienen vergüenza

  • Coni Brandt

    If I was going to win the Kentucky Derby, I would not want to win it this way.

  • ChanMikaMi

    Maximum security no gano limpiamente, su jinete hizo lo posible para que nadie pasara. War of will podria haber sido un ganador quizas de la triple corona pero por culpa del otro jinete, no gano el kentucky, pero si el preaknes, ahora haber que tal el belmont. Si war of will gana el belmont, confirmare que hubiese sido un ganador de la triple corona 2019

  • Dr. Spectre

    What an utter shameful display. Absolutely disgraceful. I would not want to be crowned winner of the KD this way.

  • Big Meatball

    War of will's would have taken the Kentucky Derby if He had not been hit . That broke his stride. He was the best horse that day ! He would have been going for the Triple Crown this weekend !

  • Annie Maria

    The people riding the horses are so short and tiny