• Published on: 2019-04-28
  • Runtime: 03:54


  • Amit B200

    Can you ask your cult members to stop leaving vile racist comments on tseries videos? Your brain dead degenerate fans do not even listen to you

  • Nezzy _ Playz

    that was not sopost to be a meme who ever says subscribe to pewdiepie and then doest them self it distroys me how dare they ITS NOT A MEME STOP MAKING IT A MEME ITS NOT SOPOST TO BE FUNNY >:( pewdiepie this was a good disition

  • Youtubers rule Youtube

    Pewds congratulations 🎉🎊 https://www.timesnownews.com/entertainment/news/bollywood-news/article/bhushan-kumar-of-t-series-questioned-for-huge-tax-evasion-i-t-raids-properties-across-india/324924

  • Faze

    who cares about the christ church shooting they're just degenerate muslims anyway who cares if some die. The islamic faith has ruined the middle east and is a blight on this earth turning it into a cesspool of terrorist trash forever crippling them. Its all the fault of the arabs invading the Sassanid and Byzantium empires spreading their shitty religion all over the place effectively ridding the world of a much better and nicer religion (Zoroastrianism). (Before you retards come to the defense of those shitty arabs im from one of those countries and saw the damage first hand so fuck off thinking you know what you're talking about)

  • The Gamer 2

    You know it’s a serious when It’s 4 minutes long He talks seriously Ending a meme

  • Billy DeAndre

    At this point it’s just sad and ridiculous that he has to A) take responsibility and B) Apologize for them. It’s their fault, and in no way shape or form his fault.

  • Robert Magic

    Mr. Beast stood up for you pewds, we tried, we all tried, and we failed. On the behalf of all of the 9 year old army, we love you, and we understand. Good bye Felix