• Kilted Savage

    Bahahaha! The announcers in the first video are two popular comedians in the USA, Key and Peele. It makes me wonder of the entire video is a spoof.

  • Cameron Gray

    Idk if you can call a pool player an “athlete” but whatever lmao

  • iiStrapii-

    For the basketball one they should have pt jr Smith’s clip on thier

  • Elijah Foster

    You often mix up the order of the scenes within each clip. Happened with the Israeli runner and Patrik stefan

  • Monster Studio

    Yes! My boy Eric Johnson and Colorado Avalanche! I love this hockey team!

  • Ron S

    The motorbike guy was the funniest - it’s ok to make a mistake, but how stupid can you be not realising your mistake for eternity?

  • Del G

    Watch CLOSELY at 2:16, how does the puck POP UP?? Defies physics? That mystery POP explains the miss

  • ChargedGaming

    On the Patrick Stefan clip it wasn't at all his fault because there was a chunk in the ice, making the puck fly up.

  • noahschaf

    In the knicks one, the time could have run out as long as the ball left his hands. The issue was not that time ran out but that it ran out while porzingis still had his fingertips on the ball.

  • Robert Logan

    Steve Smith scoring on his on net in game 7 of the division finals, causing his team(Edmonton Oilers) to be eliminated is the biggest mistake made in hockey, making him very unlucky & should have been on this list.