• Matthew Spencer

    Dude, thanks for saying that about PNC Park and Pittsburgh itself. Hearing someone gush like that over the city you grew up in, really put a smile on my face. I know it was small, but it really nice to hear from someone who probably sees so many beautiful cities like yourself! Oh, and P.S. that bullpen catcher definitely doesn't represent us or the Pirates. You're awesome! P.P.S. And I do hope they loosen back up on devices. It's stupid how one idiot can ruin things for everyone!

  • Brody Stufflet

    If you were there on the weekend of May 26 I could a met you because I was staying at a hotel across the river from the stadium

  • Speks

    I See you rocking the flying spaghetti monster merch lol

  • Lint licker

    Keep doing you, man. This isn't my thing, but if you're happy doing it, keep it up

  • Slinex Tsee

    Does anyone else think Zach would be a great outfielder

  • J-Disrespect !

    Don’t let this F. A. G. Brandon stop you keep doing what your doing

  • Eric Piche

    Didn’t know people coming to catch bp balls has turned into a bit of a counter culture.

  • Matt Ayers

    So many haters here. I think its these childish haters that need the life. Trolling someones youtube page? Real grown.

  • J J

    Based on your flying spaghetti monster shirt; do you classify yourself as an atheist? Just curious.

  • Your Mom

    Zach Hample more like Zach Trample amirite?

  • JAGPilot 01

    "Using devices" are you really that desperate to get a ball?

  • C H

    This the dude that was picked last every time in gym class