• Daniel Curl

    The 08 Celtics were the team that got me into basketball. Paul Pierce was my fave player at the time, and I had even said that Kyrie would've been the difference maker in that Cavs series from two playoffs ago. But after all that hype they got this season, and like you said, undeservedly so after they showed again and again they weren't great, I was so happy to see them get smashed by the Bucks! Edit: just in case it wasn't obvious, I'm not a Celtics fan anymore lol. Not that it matters but I am a diehard Grizz fan.

  • Chris Miller

    Celtics got all good pieces and still can't reach to the NBA Finals. Suck to be Celtics fans

  • Mike Brown

    Kyrie can't lead a team anywhere. He left the perfect situation for him in Cleveland. Kyrie is a diva and seems too mentally lazy to lead anyone anywhere. He is full of hate too...

  • JoJo Busby

    How did they struggle with the Pacer when they swept them

  • charzardavis

    trade hayward for there next 6th man start terry rosier and go for john wall

  • NbaAndre

    They didn't struggle against Indiana, they swept them.

  • Red Cloud

    Kyrie will not go to Lakers not because he doesn't like it, he knew that in order to be the best version of himself a.k.a. Uncle Drew mode, he has to be with his daddy Lebron, but his Pride won't/don't/can't handle it. If you knew someone who is big on Pride, this is a deal breaker for them because that thing eats them alive---the worst enemy is yourself. Some people even prefers to lose their lives over it. Not everyone is Kevin Durant, Lebron James or Michael Jordan where they value excellence over anything else. So don't expect Kyrie to join LA.

  • TheBishop12

    I think the biggest factor in this disappointment is also the one that shows how many LeBron haters there are out there in the media lol. People sympathized with Cryrie being LeBron’a bitch his whole career and wanted to see him carve his own path, lead his own team so we gave him and only him the benefit of the doubt not the Celtics organization as a whole. Well you know how a hermit crab gets a new home? They uproot and tear out the original occupants aka the existing Celtics players (established players like rozier, brown, Hayward all had to take a back seat). Too much infighting and jealousy. Straight female behavior

  • AlJone A.k.a StorE'Tella

    It’s easy to say all this after the fact 2018-19 season for the C’s is over. Next season make your predictions at the start not at the end. At least I’ll respect it more.

  • Deetrain

    Is it possibly kyrie is an amazing Robin, but can't be a batman? It's still kinda early to tell. He definately is a different cat personality wise.

  • Andrei Rollins

    The celtics struggled against the pacers? IT WAS A SWEEP STUPID

  • kyle mitchell

    How do these people who claimed that boston would steam roll everyone, for no reason has a job still? Paul Pierce is a dumb fuck and it makes me laugh when he predicted that the raps would be swept by the bucks after 2 games, and the bucks after 1.

  • The pants Yeeter

    How the fuck did the Celtics struggle against the pacers they fucken swept them

  • Jason Robinson

    I agree with this video 99.9% excellent research and Celtics did have a disappointing season the only thing I disagree with is the elephant in the room is two people you hit the nail on the head with Gordon Hayward he's overpaid while he was one of my favorite players on Utah and if he were still there. Donovan Mitchell and him might be doing some special things he does not fit in Boston and he is hampering the growth of the younger players as well as Kyrie. Before this Danny Ainge was trying to get Kevin Love I mean now the guy's going to make 34 million next year I'm not hating but I love basketball not the ideal who should be playing basketball in Boston. Mr. Ainge needs to get over his feeling of nostalgia this is not the 80s and Cheers has gone off the air let's win some championships and put the right people in place.

  • Melvin Ramos

    Me personally I think Paul pierce and kyrie was the reason why the lost because Paul is a talking curse

  • vElite Moe

    Watching this hurts cause I know we did horrible this year 😂😢

  • AllDayWillis

    The Celtics didn't struggle against Indiana in the first round. Also, Horford and Hayward weren't acquired in the same offseason.

  • SixRomeo

    1. Get that 2nd pick for Morant. Give up any picks Memphis wants and Rozier. He's not as good as he claims to be and doesn't want to be there anyway plus Morant has the skillset needed to facilitate Tatum and Brown and also create his own shot. Let them develop together. 2. Let Kyrie walk. He's not what they need. 3. Do NOT gut your roster for AD. He will not resign. He will be a one year rental. 4. Move Hayward. Trade for quality rotation pieces. (3 and D guys, playmaking backup PG) whatever u can get. 5. Tell Tatum if he takes one more long contested 2 with 15+ seconds on the shot clock, he's getting kicked in the nuts.