• Sven Hall

    What does a Thai goalkeeper and an ashtray have in common? They are both used to throw away matches

  • Nooble24

    When you set the skill level on FIFA to Beginner.

  • Luciano

    Was there a Goalkeeper playing for Thailand at all. Let's see how they perform against Sweden. Funny how the Woman's Team is so Good while the Mens Team aren't that good at all.

  • Mr Fury

    When you go on the Fifa market and buy the cheapest bronze goal keeper :p

  • Oli Shore

    Thailands Cave Rescue soccer boys team would have played better than this

  • Nic Ways

    Annihilation is the only word i can think of. It was like a senior side playing a bunch of kids.

  • Steve Said

    Dont blame the goal keeper, the ball got past the other 10 players first.

  • Duarua Tolu

    The USA womens team and some U15 boys walk on to a soccer field ... this unfolded ... take a minute to watch and laugh.

  • lord hls

    Has to be the least skilled group of professionals on the Planet,

  • Duarua Tolu

    Like a bunch of school gals getting a smooch for the first time ... childish prats.

  • Coппor J

    They could’ve given them one as a kind gesture

  • TwoWogs

    The goal keeper was so trash I could do better!

  • Leila S

    North Korea 2015: *takes steroids, gets caught Thailand 2015: *qualifies for world cup because of North Korea taking steroids North Korea 2019: *doesn't qualify oh those steroids didn't work Thailand 2019: North Korea's not going, so lets go instead! Road trip!

  • Duarua Tolu

    Didn't the US gals lose to high school boy team recently?