• BriBri Hudson

    How did Thailand even qualify for this World Cup with this goalkeeper

  • S K

    Imagine buying tickets to this game as a thailand supporter😪

  • familiaempressaria dejesus

    I wish that it would happen the same with FIFA Men's World Cup. The problem may be with coach if the coach's ladies should start training the USA men soccer players, they could beat the same other male teams.But in my point of view, the Thailand keeper wasn't good, it made Thailand team worst.

  • Jude Kiniu

    😁😂😂,,wow,,no offence but its like they were playing with under 12 of thai😁😁,,love their game

  • YouTube Commenter

    Thailand women's' team should acquire Caster Semenya and they are set for life

  • Pat Mtc

    There was no goal keeper this whole time..

  • Funie Shabalala

    They scored a goal for every player, even some of the ones that were benched. If I were Thailands coach I'd be on life support rn.

  • Yaye Aurore Soiba

    ééééh j'ai peur pour la France j'espère que les filles vont garder la coupe à la maison