• Dai Soto

    Calling Iso is the basketball equivalent of two samurai meeting in an open field on a raining evening

  • London Jennings

    Mismatch! Hes little! Barbeque chicken! Those be the ones too😂

  • Tupac Uchiha

    This so true 😂 I hate when dudes can’t guard someone and refuse to switch

  • Gaming Experience

    When u miss one and they leave open the rest of the game and u hit ur shots the rest of the game. Best feeling

  • Jake

    Dat nice nay hood mane da fuq

  • Linin S.

    That shit so accurate when u too wide open to the point where u pressured 💀

  • yueshijoorya

    I think the worst is when your teammate passes you the ball because "you haven't touched it in a while".

  • 男の子L O N E L Y

    This one nigga turned his back to me when we was running 5s I swear i wanted to kill dat nigga 😂😭

  • Vernon Tyson

    This is somewhat true. I am definitely a very good defender and OK offensive player so I call out D'ing up the best player on the other team just because I know that's how I maximize my value on the court. So it's almost like a compliment when I do it.

  • Rashad Lamar

    But what about the legendary...”He wit us!”😂😂😂

  • william Gazca

    Hahahah "let him shoot".. I've heard that in my lifetime before 😂 I could a told you I was sorry in basketball bro

  • baller D

    Just cause tou cant shoot doesn't mean you can't hoop at all 🤣😂🤣😂🏀

  • The Barbarian

    I know some dumbass mufaka we do this to just to piss him off