• Mike New


  • A K

    KD is a very weak mentally and he cares too much what people think about him. I really don't feel bad for him, at the end of the day he is the one who made that decision to play.

  • The Observer Melanin

    I can't see why the doctors didn't have him wear a brace at least to embrace his Achilles tendon

  • Dan R

    Even if you give the Warrior's the benefit of the doubt you can't help but ask the question why they did not ease him into the game...they played KD almost as if he didn't have an injury especially in the 1st quarter. Warrior's sacrificed KD for a ring.. instead of protecting him and not letting him play even if he wanted to. No excuses, Warrior's got greedy. imo, I hope GS wins, so at least KD's sacrifice would mean something other than a game 5 win.

  • Cappy 22

    His insecurities cause this. He's driving to the rack and shit like wtf was he thinking 😆

  • Irving Hart

    Please brah 😭 stop crying 😭. He's not dead omg

  • ¿SabesQue...?

    Listen to Malcolm gladwells about the spreading of ideas and having high and low thresholds for taking advice.

  • Ejiatu Sesay

    This is like a surgeon not taking care of his hands!... if you're a surgeon or a professional pianist you protect you hands always. If you're a basket ball player you protect your legs and feet and arms. Because if you cannot run, jump or shoot you cannot play ball. Simple!

  • Ejiatu Sesay

    They had him at the games when he should have been home resting and working on getting better. ' I truly feel bad for him because he really seems like a genuinely nice person who trusted those around him as friends and colleagues ' this is a hard lesson to learn, but unfortunately if you live long enough you will come to realize that you have to be careful who you trust. This is a shame and really if everyone is being honest. GSW did him wrong , they used him , I'm pretty sure they lied to him and minimized his injury (that man did not have a calf strain it was a tear that is now ruptured). They never intended to look out for his best interest!. My question is where was his agent and his family in all this. Why was there no second opinion? And also why did they not follow the proper NBA peotocol?!

  • Ak7 Heavens

    Bruh u couldn’t get a movie role with that fake ass tears crying 😭 but not tears lmao 😂 🤣

  • GodmindNY NYC

    Damn my Knicks can't get a break. Durant will be out next year so another year of no playoffs for us.

  • Chris Gee

    Everyone got an opinion on KD.. Is anyone willing to just wait and listen to what KD has to say?

  • josh

    But if he got cleared and didn't play you'd call him cupcake.

  • Dwight Cook

    Don't opt out. Make 31 million dollars to get healthy. Golden state owes him atleast that much. Kevin just take the 31 million dollars. That is a fat pay day.

  • Larry Cornell

    This was folly from start to finish. Why didn’t they have him back earlier? You can’t tell me four days makes that much difference. This series brings up so many uncomfortable questions about the league. First of all, how many hall of famers can you put on one team? Isn’t there a draft lottery and a salary cap to help ensure fair competition? Dream Team forever! Let’s break through the illusions of fandom and see the bigger picture. I love this game, love Championship sports, but asking(letting) KD take the floor was bad for the whole endeavor. You know KD will have several hundreds of millions of dollars to soothe his retirement. The kid in high school or college who thinks it’s ok to push beyond your body will simply have a limp. Sports is a beautiful thing, but it ain’t that important compared to your health. Ask any blue collar worker with a blown out knee, or back related injury. Take care of your players, watch out for each other on the floor. Livingston flailing his elbows. Sure, why not, why not do a leg sweep under the rim, cuz you can? The desire to win cannot trump the importance of caring for ourselves and others. You wanna win, try winning at the championship of love, cuz compared to that the NBA is easy. JC rises!

  • Micheal Johnson

    Be man play for the team,fans and ownership fuck that health comes first ( fuck the MEDIA)